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Anatomy’s grey areas

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I would tend to agree with Andrew Poupart: The human body is not the result of a design but rather what evolved from primeval mammals, and is still evolving. That’s why is so full of peculiarities in want of a better or more practical use and structure. The asymmetry of most internal organs has no practical meaning and is determinant in several ailments: the convoluted distribution of the heart great vessels, the three lobes of the right lung versus the only two of the left one, the capricious or haphazard situation of internal glands like the thyroid, the pancreas or the adrenal glands, each in a different corner of the body, just to mention a few. There is neither logical explanation nor, apparently, a practical one.

However, the human body is a wonderful machine and the knowledge
of its function a most fascinating endeavor. Keep reading Grey’s Anatomy.

X. Allué (Editor)

(Picture: The original authors of Grey’s Anatomy)

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25 marzo 2019 at 21:55

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