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I am slightly confused

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It was one of those backlighted posters where a sentence can be a composite of letters and words, meant to hang in the wall. It lay under the table of a usually messy teenager room, a bit forgotten, but still there.

To me was such a precise and candid description of an adolescent life, I took a picture, and mulled about its meaning for a little while.

That’s how teenagers feel mostly: confused. No matter how regulated, ordained, pampered life they are carrying, it is quite difficult for them to make sense of their world and, alas! themselves.

Their bodies go through tremendous changes not experimented in any other period of their lives. Right out of seeing their teeth falling off and change to something bigger, most likely needing harnessing by horrid metal braces, limbs start growing making last year’s pants short, and their feet getting out of the bottom of the bed’s sheets. Girls, and sometimes boys, see their bossom not only surging out but also getting the attention of everybody around. Pimples plague their faces, and bits of hair sprout in some unnamed places of the body other than the head.

Classrooms in the school and dining rooms at home are the scenery of a cacophony of voices unintelligible, not so much for no understanding what it all means, but by the lack of interest on it.

What I am doing here? Who are all those people around me?…

I mean, really, “slightly” confused is the least they could feel.

They are adolescents. And when professionals approach them should be well aware they may not be understood at all. Not that they are deaf or uninterested: their minds are wandering away in a thousand worlds, milling around their heads, all of them fascinating and scary at the same time.

So take patience. Be careful and keen. Take it all as it comes and do not be judgemental. And if does not work, try again.

That’s what it takes with teenagers…they are slightly confused.

X. Allué (editor)


Written by pedsocial

15 octubre 2018 at 19:42