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Thomas Coram, philanthropist and a friend of children

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One of my daughters moved with her family to London recently, and close to their place, there is a statue in memory of Thomas Coram. They sent me a picture so I got a chance to learn something about this very special person.

Thomas Coram (1668 – 1751) was a philanthropist whose greatest achievement, the Foundling Hospital in 1739, was just one of many projects he pursued throughout his life. He did not receive a proper education, worked different jobs around seaports, as his father is believed to have been a master mariner. Crossed the Atlantic and settled in Boston, Massachusetts working as a shipwright. He made a small fortune in merchant trade between America and Britain.

«While living in Rotherhithe and regularly traveling into London to engage in his business interests (a journey of about 4 miles (6.4 km)), Coram was frequently shocked by the sight of infants exposed in the streets, often in a dying state. He began to agitate for the foundation of a foundling hospital. This institution was to be a children’s home for children and orphans who could not be properly cared for.» (Wikipedia)

His dedication to children set up a model that has lasted for centuries. «He was radical in his thought and methods. He triumphed over the prejudices of a society which tolerated child poverty and destitution as a necessary evil, argued for the education of girls, and spoke up for native Americans and poor sailors left stranded in London. Along the way, he invented new forms of charity and fundraising, incidentally making Handel’s Messiah famous, and helping Hogarth reinvent portrait painting.«(

The Coram Foundation works intensively to foster children’s rights

(Click on the links to know more about Thomas Coram)

X. Allué (Editor)

(Note: Thomas Corman commandeered a merchant ship during the Spanish Succession War, helping the Archiduke side, and thus Catalonia…)


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